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Mars Motor ME070


Wilderness EV Controller
24-72 volts DC at
300 amps


EV Throttle

Mounting Plate for Motor
Two Version: Round or Square

Coupler is turned & welded by us

Chain Sprocket  7/8 " diameter
Please specify chain size

Safety Disconnect Switch
- 500 amps

Amp Meter  0 - 150 ADC

Volt Meter  0 - 100 VDC

Amp Shunt - 50mv - 150A

Plastic Gauge Plate

Big Wire- #1 Gauge 12 Feet

9 - High Current Copper Ring
Terminals - Lugs

12 - Battery Cable Terminals

Capacitive Battery Charger-
4 amp 24-72 volts
Compact size
for on-board mounting

 Nuts, Bolts, Crimp-on Wire Connectors and Small Gauge Wire

Book  - "Build Your Own Electric Motor Cycle" by Carl


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