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The motor that we use in our kit has the highest power/weight/dollar ratio available on the market for brush Permanent Magnet Motors. This motor is great for Motorcycles, go-karts, ride on trains, boats, small tractors, mowers, snowmobiles, robots or anything else your imagination can dream up.

Wound for higher torque and is rated for up to 72 volts. The motor is also one inch longer than the E-tek-R.


Power: 8 cont-- 19 pk hp
Voltage: 72 Volt rated
Speed: 3700 rpm @ 72V unloaded
Size: 8" OD, 6.5" long (w/o shaft)
Shaft: 7/8"x 1-3/4", 3/16" key
Weight: 38 lbs.

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