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The Drive Motor
The motor we use for all of our kits has been tried and tested hundreds of times is made to aircraft quality specification. 
The Mars motor ME0709 is a permanent magnet, high effiecency, compact electric motor. 
The high horse power of this motor allows it to be used in many applications.  (For technical data see our tech design page)

Controller & Throttle
At Wilderness Electric Vehicles we manufacture our own motor speed controllers for our kits. 
They are tested in real world conditions and come with a full one year warranty. 
We design these controllers to operate under a wide range of voltages and amperage and are fully repairable at very small cost.
The throttle box we use is the 0 to 5k ohm PB5 and is standard in the industry and is compatible with all our controllers.

Mounting Plate - Sprocket , Pulley, Coupler
The mounting plates used in these kits are very versatile and can be made to work in a wide range of applications. 
These plates are laser cut and match the motor exactly, and can be welded or bolted in place. 

In order to drive your machine with an electric motor, you need to couple the shaft to the drive train component.  
There are three ways that are commonly used to drive a machine;  Shaft drive, chain drive or belt drive.
Our kits will accommodate all three of these methods and you only need to specify which one your doing when ordering.

Meters and Gauges

The electrical components that are included in these kits allow you to read your amperage draw (fuel usage), voltage (remaining battery power), and safely disconnect the main battery power any time that it is needed. 
To get more details on these components see the parts page.

Wire and Connectors
To connect everything up electrically you need some large gauge wire, some copper ring terminals to connect to the controller and shunt.  You will also need battery terminal connectors to wire the batteries together in series.  Of course we also include the nuts and bolts, the hardware needed to assemble  the kit. 

The Battery Charger
We use a battery charger in these kits that works with all electricity types throughout the world.  It can be used at any input frequency (20 - 100 hz), and any AC input voltage from a 100 volts to 370 VAC.  The chargers DC output in not voltage specific and will work with any battery pack of 12 volts to 72 VDC.  The charging voltage is actually determined by the internal resistance of the batteries.  This technology that we use is a very little known method of charging batteries using capacitors instead of large heavy transformers.  These chargers are also simpler to make, lower in cost and easy to repair.  They come with automatic shutoff timer, digital volt meter, and a complete operating instructions.

This electric conversion kit works with so many different machines, the most complete you will find and is the absolute best value possible, we believe!

Purchase Full Kit
Components included in complete kit are as follows:

1.  Motor - ME0709 28 HP Peak - 9 HP Continuous

2.  Controller - Wilderness EV (24-72 vdc/300 amp)     

3.  Throttle - 100k ohm linear slide with mounting plate/box

4.  Mounting Plate (specify square or round)

5.  Sprocket or Coupler - specify chain size for sprocketCoupler is made by us.         

6.  Safety Disconnect Switch - 500 amps

7.  Amp Meter  0 - 150 ADC

8.  Volt Meter  0 - 100 VDC

9.  Amp Shunt - 50mv - 150A

10.  Plastic Gauge Plate

 11.  Big Wire- #1 Gauge 12 Feet 

 12.  9 - High Current Copper Ring Terminals -lugs

13.  12 - Battery Cable Terminals

14.  Capacitive Battery Charger- 4 amp 24-72 volts, compact size for onboard mounting. 

 15.  Hardware - nuts, bolts, crimp-on wire connectors and small gauge wire 

 16.  Book - "Build Your Own Electric Motor Cycle" by Carl Vogel 


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