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Electric Motorcycle Kit

Looking for the best electric motorcycle kit?

If you want an affordable, easy to install, and powerful electric motorcycle kit, you've come to the right place.

Use our kit to make your motorcycle, scooter, boat, 4-wheeler, riding lawnmower, small tractor or snowmobile run on electric power!
The Wilderness EV electric motorcycle kit is clean, quiet, and very efficient.
You, like every one of our kit purchasers will be very satisfied with the kit.
Components Included in Your Complete Kit:

1.  Motor - ME0709 28 HP Peak - 9 HP Continuous

2.  Controller - Kelly (24-48 vdc/200 amp)     

3.  Throttle - 100k ohm linear slide with mounting plate/box

4.  Mounting Plate (specify square or round)

5.  Sprocket or Coupler - specify chain size for sprocketCoupler is made by us.         

6.  Safety Disconnect Switch - 500 amps

7.  Amp Meter  0 - 150 ADC

8.  Volt Meter  0 - 100 VDC

9.  Amp Shunt - 50mv - 150A

10.  Plastic Gauge Plate

11.  Big Wire- #1 Gauge 12 Feet 

12.  9 - High Current Copper Ring Terminals -lugs

13.  12 - Battery Cable Terminals

14.  Capacitive Battery Charger- 4 amp 24-72 volts, compact size for onboard mounting. 

15.  Hardware - nuts, bolts, crimp-on wire connectors and small gauge wire 

16.  Book - "Build Your Own Electric Motor Cycle" by Carl Vogel  

Kit Price: $1,395.00
Shipping:      $62.00
Total:       $1457.00

Got Questions? Call us direct: 801-628-6509

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Video Demonstrating Process of Installling the Kit:

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For Mailing you Payment, print out the Order Form Page and send your payment by Mail.


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